A Guide To Visiting Alberta Canada

If you are thinking of visiting Alberta, Canada there are a number of points that you need to know about. There is more information to understand than the cities that you should visit.  Knowing this information will ensure that you have a comfortable trip to Alberta. 

What You Should Pack

Choosing what to pack is always difficult when you go on holiday.  The weather in Alberta can be unpredictable and will change quickly.  It is best to take layers of clothing regardless of the season you are traveling in.  Warm jackets, scarves, boots and hats are essential for the winter months and you should also bring a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the strong sunlight in the summer. 

Using The Metric System

It is important to note that Canada uses the metric system  This means that traffic and highway indicators will be in kilometers and kilometers per hour.  Fuel will be sold in liters and the temperature is measured in Celsius.  There are many products that will have conversions on them for imperial measurements, but all appliances will work in metric.  

Electricity In Alberta

In Canada, the electrical current is 110 volts.  This means that travelers from the United States of America will not have to worry about any appliances they take with them.  However, a universal adaptor will be required for any electrical devices from other countries.  The wall sockets will have 2 parallel flat blades and if this differs to the country you are traveling from then a socket converter will be required.  It is recommended that all adapters and converters are fused to protect any devices. Only natural methods are used in harvesting electric power.

Health And Insurance

When you travel to Alberta you need to look at travel insurance and private health insurance.  The Alberta health-care plan does not cover visitors from outside the province.  If your travel insurance does not cover any medical care you need to look at the coverage that is provided by your personal health insurance without constantly having to think “I want my ex boyfrend back“, as that is harmful..  

Entry To National Parks

When you visit Alberta you need to consider taking a trip to one of the national parks in the area.  All parks in Alberta will require a pass to enter.  It is possible to buy a day pass at the entrance of the park or you could get a Parks Canada Discovery Pass.  These passes will be valid for a year and allows you to visit more than 100 national parks across Canada.