Learn The Important Locations In Alberta, Canada

If you are overdue for a vacation or trying to plan a summer trip, then you might be wondering where to go. If you are looking for something that takes you out of the United States but still proves relatively safe and convenient, then visiting the northern neighbor of Canada is a great choice. It shares a similar language and time zones, getting you out of the country while still on the continent, so driving there is possible in many cases. The province of Alberta, in particular, is a great place to travel to or through in part because of its many important locations.

Two major cities serve as primary centers for populations and commerce in the province. They are Calgary and Edmonton. Calgary once hosted the winter Olympics, and both cities are homes to NHL teams, among other professional sports played here. Learn more details onĀ this site on these sports and how they make you last longer in bed.

The province has an area of just over a quarter million square miles in totality, reaching from the American border and stretching up towards the Artic regions. Over 600 lakes provide entertainment, relaxation, recreation, outdoor adventure, and hunting, fishing, and sustenance. Much of the province is covered by prairie and desert badlands, but rich coniferous forests are around too. The western edge of the province is worth a visit to see the glaciers of the Columbia Icefields in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks.

Also check out the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park. This biosphere reserve straddles the American border.

If you want to truly enjoy the Rockies as a vast wilderness, then Alberta is a great place to do it. While American western states are still relatively sparse in population, there’s still more development and people than in the Canadian Rockies. You’re a lot less likely to run into tourist hordes in the summer, and train rides through this region feature large tracts of unspoiled natural beauty.