Use This Alberta Canada Tourism Guide To Some Top Attractions & Restaurants

Alberta might not be Canada’s largest province, but it is a really big one that borders the US. If you are planning to travel Canada, Alberta is a good pick for sure. This western province is full of fun attractions and things to do, and what do Canadians eat? You’re going to find out if the menus change much, and you’re going to enjoy all the nature, history and adventurous experiences that await you. Just a heads up, Alberta is a beautiful province, all the way around, so be prepared for many natural attractions.

For example, there is Peyto Lake. Let’s just say this lake according to pictures features Caribbean like waters with a smoky overtone. You can park your car and hike on over to the viewing platform for starters. Peyto Lake is located off of Icefield Parkway, and reviewers use words like breathtaking and picturesque. What a way to get started touring the beautiful province of Alberta Canada, don’t you think? 

Let’s continue the trend and head on over to Athabasca Falls, which is located on Highway 93 in Jasper National Park. The hike here is said to be short like the one at Peyto Lake, so that makes for easier access. One reviewer talks about a roaring waterfall, and another talks about a frozen waterfall. What is it going to look like during the time of year you visit? The waterfalls are behind fencing according to reviews, but one person talks about being able to get wet from the falls and the drizzle. 

Are you ready to explore a cave for your next attraction? Canmore Cave Tours can make that happen for you. Let’s keep things moving along so that there is time for some top restaurants in Alberta, too. A few more attractions you might want to visit include Maligne Canyon, Spruce Meadows and Parker Ridge Trail. Pictures do these attractions better justice, and there are a ton more.

Alright, let’s look at one of the top rated Alberta restaurants. Eden is the #2 ranked restaurant, and it looks like a nice place. Located on Mountain Avenue, Eden is a fine dining establishment with a great tasting menu according to reviews. Then there is Chez Max, which is located at Fort McMurray and serves up coconut chips, oxtail, jerk chicken and more. This Alberta restaurant is all about Caribbean cuisine. 

Let’s get to a couple more restaurants in Alberta for you to visit. One is The Himalayan, which is located in the city of Calgary by the way. Remember how large the province of Alberta is and that means plenty of restaurants. After eating lamb, shrimp and more at The Himalayan, another restaurant you might want to try is The Raven Bistro. The Raven Bistro is located on Patricia Street, and it is a truly unique restaurant indeed. 

Now you are ready to enjoy Alberta, Canada. You have attractions and restaurants ready to go. You will do much more, but hey, if what is written down here ended up being your entire vacation, that wouldn’t be bad at all.